Super Rough Itinerary!! Suggestions Welcome!!

Hello friends!  I emailed many of you, but here it is again, my super roughed out itinerary.  I welcome suggestions as to how to alter this plan, also, I very much welcome people who want to host me and/or join me on the trail!!

OK, so far what I have is:

9/29 – Arrive in Bogota

Spend some time in Colombia, at some point take a bus to Lima

10/20 – Start classes in Lima (2 weeks)

11/3-11/10 (ish) – Trip to Machu Piccu with my mom

11/17-11/28 – Classes in Santiago

Spend some more time in Chile, visiting various places

12/18 (ish) – Arrive in Cordoba, Argentina for a family homestay.  They want someone to come and help them with their English, the mom says she’d love to have me for Christmas so I won’t be alone

1/3 – Head to Uruguay, spend 2-3 weeks in Montevideo and traveling around to other places nearby

1/17 (ish) – Buenos Aires for 3-4 weeks, rent an apartment, travel around the country

2/5 (ish) – Fly to Cape Town, spend about 2 weeks

2/19 (ish) – Fly to Singapore, visit friends there for 4-5 days, then on to KL (hopefully visit with Eve)

After that, I don’t have approximate dates worked out, but I’m looking at Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, (maybe up to Japan to meet my sister at her work conference), back down to Bali, Australia, NZ, Hawaii

I await and welcome all assistance!!

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