Re-entry Blues

You guys remember that time I embraced my destiny, threw caution to the wind and set out on an epic trip around the world?  Yeah, me too, and oh, how I wish I was still out there.  Because here’s the hard truth:  re-entry totally blows.

I made my triumphant return to the USA just about 4 months ago, but my ambitious travel schedule wasn’t quite finished.  In these four months, I have been to Los Angeles, New York City, Orlando, Montreal, Boston, New Hampshire, Baltimore, Madison, Berkeley, Hawaii and have now landed for my indefinite stay with my parents in Utah.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent the last 16 months flying free, and even harder to accept that it is over (for now, anyway).  I suppose it’s natural and unsurprising for post-travel depression to set in, and my case is no exception to the rule.

Now that travel has come to an end, it’s time for the next adventure:  getting a job.  I don’t think I need to tell you how incredibly un-fun this adventure has been so far and how soul-suckingly awful it portends to continue to be.  Out on the road, I came up with lots of ideas for new careers once I got back to the real world; what I’d forgotten was that things in the real world don’t work out so neatly.  Without any contacts in any of the fields I could see myself working in, I am at a total loss as to how I might break in.  I’ve have been sending out resumes in response to listings I see online, but so far that has been about as effective as simply throwing my resume directly into the trash.  In all fairness, I’ve only been seriously looking and submitting for a few weeks, but it’s all incredibly discouraging, nonetheless.  And it’s not just moving into new fields that seems an impossible task, I’m applying to plenty of legal jobs with similar (non) results.  It also doesn’t help matters that I’m living in my parents’ basement while I conduct my job search; a sad cliche of the modern “boomerang” generation.

But I shall press on!  And in the meantime, I can go back and relive all of the past year’s great adventures right here on this blog.

Happy New Year, y’all.  May it hold great things for each and every one of us.

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  1. I keep thinking about this post and had to come back and comment. Do you think you could write a book about your adventures and sell it online? People love to read about stories like yours. I’m an author. It’s a hard slog toward making money, but I wonder if you could work on it before you find a job.

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