Howdy, Strangers!

Faithful readers! I am back!

It has taken me an entire year to sort myself out since my last post and I am happy to report that things have finally fallen in to place such that I can start traveling — and thus blogging — once again!

Over the past 12 months, as I searched for and found a new home, a new job, basically a new life, I wrestled a bit with what I was going to do with this blog. I didn’t relish the idea of doing any more whining to you all about the difficulties in crashing back down to earth after a transcendent experience. I certainly didn’t (and still don’t and never will) want to talk about politics here, and so instead I opted for radio silence.

However! Now that I am comfortably settled in my new home city of Chicago and gainfully employed in a role where it appears I will not be penalized for actually using my vacation days, I am once again in a position to indulge my whims! Hopefully there are one or two of you out there who are still interested in hearing about them, so if that is you, stay tuned to this space! I am planning to shift the focus from my own personal journey into a more practical guide for how to keep traveling even when you don’t have the luxury of walking away from your job for a year or two. In that spirit, I have a few things on the horizon that I look forward to sharing with you.

Next up: President’s Day weekend in Panama!

60(ish) Days Out!!

I’ve done a lot of work, but there is so much left to be done!!  Tonight was my last appointment with my therapist, who’ve I’ve been seeing for more than 18 months.  It’s crazy to think about the person I was when I first walked in to her office: broken, weepy, beaten down by the life I thought was the one I was supposed to be living.  She has helped me get through some of the worst times of my life, but also helped me to identify the patterns of behavior that I seem to fall into over and over; patterns that seem innocuous at first, but always end up dragging me back down into despair.  It’s been worth every penny, but I am glad to now be totally off meds and ready to face my new life all on my own. Continue reading “60(ish) Days Out!!”