Weekly Whim: Chiloé (A Costly Detour)

Beyond deciding to come to Pucon, I hadn’t made much of a further plan, so (on a whim, of course) I decided to join up with my new friend Missie on a detour to Chiloe, an island archipelago that sits just above Chilean Patagonia. I had never heard of Chiloé  prior to this year, when I happened to read a novel called Maya’s Notebook that involved a girl hiding out from the mob on a tiny Chiloean island. A month or so after reading the book, I saw a feature about Chiloé on one of the blogs I used to frequent back when I sat in front of my computer all day. It seemed intriguing from those accounts and as I had no real agenda, I figured, porque no? Continue reading “Weekly Whim: Chiloé (A Costly Detour)”

Weekly Whim – Peruvian Cooking Class!

In addition to my Spanish language studies, I also squeezed in time for studies of another, more delicious kind – cooking Peruvian food!! Peruvian cuisine is widely regarded as among the best in the world and I was super excited to try making it myself. My friend Tess (who I met in Spanish class) set up a session for us with Peruvian Cooking Classes, which happened to conduct their classes in the courtyard of Nomade Backpacker´s Hostel, where Tess was already staying. We got in for the Friday night class, so after school I headed over there for a culinary and gastronomic adventure! Continue reading “Weekly Whim – Peruvian Cooking Class!”

Weekly Whim: Day Trip to La Piedra Del Peñol and Guatapé

For our last full day in Medellín, we decided to get out of town with a day trip to La Piedra del Peñol and the town of Guatapé, based on recommendations from both guidebooks and people. We hopped on a microbus from Medellín’s Terminal de Norte and settled in for the 2(ish) hour trip out to La Piedra.

However tall you think it looks…it’s taller

Continue reading “Weekly Whim: Day Trip to La Piedra Del Peñol and Guatapé”

Weekly Whim: Bus Trip From Bogotá to Medellín

It is the nature of a whim that not a lot of advance planning goes into a particular adventure. Such was the case with our spontaneous departure from Bogotá in favor of Medellín.  We decided to do it on Thursday night and Friday morning we headed for the bus station.  (Once again, our awesome Air BnB host came through for us in an unexpected way.  He was out of town, but his mother agreed to drive us — and all our luggage — to the bus station in the morning.  We could have made it on our own, but it was very sweet and generous for them to do us this one last favor!). Continue reading “Weekly Whim: Bus Trip From Bogotá to Medellín”

Weekly Whim: Nashville, Tennessee!!

We believe!

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite ladies — the most excellent Amanda Holmes — was visiting NYC for a quick weekend and we came up with the brilliant idea of working in a trip to visit her on her home turf in Nashville during my last month in the US. As is my wont, I immediately loaded my Delta app and booked a pair of tickets for Brit and I to spend 4 days in Music City with Amanda and her darling husband, Kurt. We packed a lot into our time and the verdict is: Nashville is awesome! Continue reading “Weekly Whim: Nashville, Tennessee!!”