Howdy, Strangers!

Faithful readers! I am back!

It has taken me an entire year to sort myself out since my last post and I am happy to report that things have finally fallen in to place such that I can start traveling — and thus blogging — once again!

Over the past 12 months, as I searched for and found a new home, a new job, basically a new life, I wrestled a bit with what I was going to do with this blog. I didn’t relish the idea of doing any more whining to you all about the difficulties in crashing back down to earth after a transcendent experience. I certainly didn’t (and still don’t and never will) want to talk about politics here, and so instead I opted for radio silence.

However! Now that I am comfortably settled in my new home city of Chicago and gainfully employed in a role where it appears I will not be penalized for actually using my vacation days, I am once again in a position to indulge my whims! Hopefully there are one or two of you out there who are still interested in hearing about them, so if that is you, stay tuned to this space! I am planning to shift the focus from my own personal journey into a more practical guide for how to keep traveling even when you don’t have the luxury of walking away from your job for a year or two. In that spirit, I have a few things on the horizon that I look forward to sharing with you.

Next up: President’s Day weekend in Panama!

Brrrrrr From Bogotá!

Bienvenidos a Colombia!! The big day finally arrived and I got in to Bogotá around 9:30 pm. Malia had come in several hours earlier and was already set up and waiting for me in our gorgeous Air BnB apartment. Our amazing host, Jaime, includes airport pickups with his rentals and was kind enough to collect Malia from the airport that afternoon, and also arranged for a friend of his to meet my flight. Door to door service can’t be beat!! The apartment is very conveniently located to the airport in a gated and secure condo complex in a quiet suburban area of the city, Ciudad Salitre. Malia and I had a huge private room to share, with its own balcony and en suite bathroom for the unbeatable price of $30/night! The unit is on the 10th floor of the tower and the balcony offers great views of the sunset (sorry, no pics, too busy being awed).

Our beautiful Bogotá penthouse!
Our beautiful Bogotá penthouse!

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This Is It!

Well, friends, we have reached the end and the beginning.  Tomorrow is the big day!  I’ll be getting on a plane and heading out into the great unknown!  I am terrified, but also exhilarated.  My bags are packed and I’m ready to go! In the last week, I think I’ve managed to get all of my affairs in order.  My traveler’s health insurance is purchased, my banks and credit card companies have been informed of my plans, and the things I’m leaving behind are all safely stashed. Continue reading “This Is It!”

I Left My Heart…Or At Least My Stuff In San Francisco

The kiddos ride bikes in the cul-de-sac while Bryant football-holds the baby

As the kick-off to Practice Trip month, Brittany and I spent a long weekend in the Bay Area visiting friends and family.  I also had the ulterior motive of wanting to stash a couple of suitcases at my brother’s house.  Since I still have no idea where I am going to wind up in the states at the end of this adventure, it seems prudent to salt away capsule wardrobes in a variety of places.
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The Final Countdown!

Well, my friends, the last days are upon us!  Sunday marked my last day in my 14th Street apartment after four long years.  Other than my childhood home in Laie, this is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place and leaving it behind definitely brings mixed emotions.   However, other than a slight hiccup with getting rid of my mattress (a long and rather boring story involving someone I considered a friend basically screwing me over at the last possible moment), the final move out went off without a hitch.  So now, I’m counting down my last days in the states and celebrating with a few small “practice” trips to prepare me for the long haul ahead. Continue reading “The Final Countdown!”