Meditations (and Malbec!) in Mendoza

After ringing in the new year in Bariloche, my travels took me north (by way of another 17 hour bus ride) up to Mendoza, the heart of Argentinian wine country.  I honestly didn’t have much of an agenda coming here (other than to drink delicious wine!) and so that’s pretty much what I did.  I had met an American girl in Santiago who works here in Mendoza as a lawyer for a vineyard, I’d hoped we could meet up, but unfortunately, that didn’t work out.  No matter though, I ended up making a lot of great friends at my hostel, and good times were had! Continue reading “Meditations (and Malbec!) in Mendoza”

Weekly Whim: Chiloé (A Costly Detour)

Beyond deciding to come to Pucon, I hadn’t made much of a further plan, so (on a whim, of course) I decided to join up with my new friend Missie on a detour to Chiloe, an island archipelago that sits just above Chilean Patagonia. I had never heard of Chiloé  prior to this year, when I happened to read a novel called Maya’s Notebook that involved a girl hiding out from the mob on a tiny Chiloean island. A month or so after reading the book, I saw a feature about Chiloé on one of the blogs I used to frequent back when I sat in front of my computer all day. It seemed intriguing from those accounts and as I had no real agenda, I figured, porque no? Continue reading “Weekly Whim: Chiloé (A Costly Detour)”

Parties (and Pain) In Pucón

On the advice of several people that I’ve met along the way, after Santiago, I decided to head south to Pucon, located in Chile’s Lakes District, the gateway to Patagonia. Despite having been in South America for months, I’d yet to take an overnight bus on any of my jaunts, so this was to be my very first! I’d bought the ticket a few days prior, opting to spend the extra $20 for the “cama ejecutivo,” the Chilean bus equivalent of business class. Continue reading “Parties (and Pain) In Pucón”

Santiago Seconds: Epic Tales of Adventure!

After finally prying myself away from Viña and my friends at Street Garden, I headed back to Santiago to regroup and also spend some time with the brilliant and talented (and of course, thin) Mr. Jonathon La Chapelle.  JLC is one of my only lawyer friends, though he worked at a much fancier firm than I did.  Soon after I stopped working, he decided 33 was a fine age to retire and now he is also hop-scotching around the world (albeit with a much bigger budget than mine).  He had a wedding to attend in Rio, and after a bit more travel, he swung through Santiago before heading home for Christmas. Continue reading “Santiago Seconds: Epic Tales of Adventure!”

Mom On The Move – Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu!

After surviving our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad guide, Mom and I got up the next day and were ready to put the whole messy incident behind us.  We even got to sleep in a bit, as we didn’t have to be ready for pick-up until 8:30!  Having packed our bags the night before, we checked out and left most of our things in the hotel storage, each only bringing a small bag for our overnight in Aguas Calientes.  Liliana met us in the lobby to give us our schedule for the day, as well as our tickets for the train and Machu Picchu.  We had given her an earful the night before about our horrible experience with Jerkus, and were happy to find out that she’d personally vetted our guide for the day.  Jimmy was an utter delight, especially as a follow-up act to Jerkus, and we all set off together for another day of adventure! Continue reading “Mom On The Move – Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu!”