Now, New Zealand!

And so, we come to the end. New Zealand! Other than Antarctica, this is the southernmost point in the world (that I’ve visited, anyway) and even more magical to visit. I have dreamed my entire life of making it here, and so I saved the best for last.  (Sorry kids, but this is going to be a long one).


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Australian Adventures: North Queensland

For reasons I can’t explain, Australia has always been at the very top of my “must visit” list. Maybe because it’s so far away from…well…everywhere? Possibly its reputation for being filled with gorgeous surfer dudes?  Perhaps due to my deep and abiding love for Rescuers Down Under? That classic Men At Work Song? A manifestation of my latent childhood crush on Crocodile Dundee? Whatever the reason, I never had sufficient time to make the trip here before, as I couldn’t imagine coming for less than a month. Turns out, that is still not NEARLY enough time to even scratch the surface of this magical land down under, but I’ve been determined to do my level best to see and do as much as possible with the time I have. Continue reading “Australian Adventures: North Queensland”

Malaysian Migration and Spiffy Singapore

I departed Siem Reap for Bangkok, then immediately boarded an overnight bus south, as I wanted to swing back through Koh Tao for a few more days to get in some diving and see all my friends I’d left behind there. It was a typically exhausting journey, getting dropped off on the side of the road in Chumphon at 2 am to change buses, arriving at the ferry dock at 4 and sleeping on a bench while waiting for the 7 am ferry to Koh Tao. You know, the usual. I had just a few days to spend there before I needed to move on to Malaysia, where I planned to reunite with Megan in Penang. Continue reading “Malaysian Migration and Spiffy Singapore”

Weekly Whim: Chiloé (A Costly Detour)

Beyond deciding to come to Pucon, I hadn’t made much of a further plan, so (on a whim, of course) I decided to join up with my new friend Missie on a detour to Chiloe, an island archipelago that sits just above Chilean Patagonia. I had never heard of Chiloé  prior to this year, when I happened to read a novel called Maya’s Notebook that involved a girl hiding out from the mob on a tiny Chiloean island. A month or so after reading the book, I saw a feature about Chiloé on one of the blogs I used to frequent back when I sat in front of my computer all day. It seemed intriguing from those accounts and as I had no real agenda, I figured, porque no? Continue reading “Weekly Whim: Chiloé (A Costly Detour)”

Back On The Bus: Medellin to Salento

After the hustle and bustle of Bogotá and Medellín, Malia and I were definitely ready for a little change of pace. On the recommendation of Malia’s friend Christy, we decided to move on to Salento, a small town further south in Colombia’s Zona Cafetera (coffee region). Having learned from experience, we’d purchased tickets in advance and were booked on the 6:30 am bus to Armenia, a six hour ride away, where we would then have to transfer to a microbus to Salento. Continue reading “Back On The Bus: Medellin to Salento”

Weekly Whim: Bus Trip From Bogotá to Medellín

It is the nature of a whim that not a lot of advance planning goes into a particular adventure. Such was the case with our spontaneous departure from Bogotá in favor of Medellín.  We decided to do it on Thursday night and Friday morning we headed for the bus station.  (Once again, our awesome Air BnB host came through for us in an unexpected way.  He was out of town, but his mother agreed to drive us — and all our luggage — to the bus station in the morning.  We could have made it on our own, but it was very sweet and generous for them to do us this one last favor!). Continue reading “Weekly Whim: Bus Trip From Bogotá to Medellín”