Popping Down to Panama

Adapting to my new circumstances as a work-constricted traveler has presented an entirely new set of considerations in travel planning. Chief among these is maximizing my allotted vacation time to take as many trips as possible in a given year, while also being sure to spread them out to avoid ending up short come Christmas time. My new employer offers most of the standard holidays, and so having missed out on traveling over Martin Luther King Day, I knew I could not let President’s Day similarly go to waste.

Panama hats. Get it?

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Weekly Whim – Peruvian Cooking Class!

In addition to my Spanish language studies, I also squeezed in time for studies of another, more delicious kind – cooking Peruvian food!! Peruvian cuisine is widely regarded as among the best in the world and I was super excited to try making it myself. My friend Tess (who I met in Spanish class) set up a session for us with Peruvian Cooking Classes, which happened to conduct their classes in the courtyard of Nomade Backpacker´s Hostel, where Tess was already staying. We got in for the Friday night class, so after school I headed over there for a culinary and gastronomic adventure! Continue reading “Weekly Whim – Peruvian Cooking Class!”