Australian Adventures: North Queensland

For reasons I can’t explain, Australia has always been at the very top of my “must visit” list. Maybe because it’s so far away from…well…everywhere? Possibly its reputation for being filled with gorgeous surfer dudes?  Perhaps due to my deep and abiding love for Rescuers Down Under? That classic Men At Work Song? A manifestation of my latent childhood crush on Crocodile Dundee? Whatever the reason, I never had sufficient time to make the trip here before, as I couldn’t imagine coming for less than a month. Turns out, that is still not NEARLY enough time to even scratch the surface of this magical land down under, but I’ve been determined to do my level best to see and do as much as possible with the time I have. Continue reading “Australian Adventures: North Queensland”

Traipsing Across Thailand

From the chilly temps and reserved civility of Japan, to the sweltering, bustling madness that is Bangkok! I kicked off my three months in Southeast Asia in Thailand’s capital city: a hot, steamy, sweaty tangle of humanity. Did I mention it was hot? My first day out, I set off on foot to wander the streets and see what I could see. There’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to the layout of the city, but I managed to avoid getting too terribly lost (and to avoid being killed at any of the ridiculous street crossings). Continue reading “Traipsing Across Thailand”